Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers - Canton, MA

A Stunning Smile Easily Attained

  • Chips or Cracks — small imperfections can be covered up
  • Stains or Discoloration –—veneers and Lumineers are a beautiful white color
  • Small Gaps Between Teeth — gaps can be filled or covered
  • Crooked Teeth — slightly crooked or misaligned teeth can appear straight

Veneers is one of the options for the patient to restore their smile and to give them a better aesthetic. Not everyone is a candidate for veneers, so it is something everyone should be aware of.
-Dr. Addas

  • Quick Treatment — typically only two days to see results
  • Long-Term Results — can last ten or more years
  • Attractive Solution — natural and attractive shape and color
  • Minimal Prep — Lumineers can be placed without removing enamel

Our team at Canton Dental Group has the artistic eye to give you the ideal smile you have been seeking in a timeframe that is convenient for you.

Enjoy the smile of your dreams with this easy cosmetic dentistry solution.