Implants vs. Dentures - Canton, MA

Implant Supported Dentures or Traditional Dentures: Which Option Fits Your Lifestyle

  • Improved Aesthetics — restore facial appearance and shape
  • Enhanced Diet — eat a wider variety of foods
  • Speak Clearly — improved speech with physical teeth
  • Smile Proudly — enhance self-confidence

I have a lot of patients that they complain about their dentures not fitting anymore or since day one they hated the experience, but they didn’t have any options before. Fortunately for them now we have dental implants and nowadays the standard of care is to add implants under those dentures so that it will stabilize them.
Dr. Addas

  • Group Practice — experienced team of seven doctors
  • Advanced Technology — accurate, minimally invasive treatment
  • Extensive Training — average over 30 hours of continuing education annually
  • Full-Scope Implant Practice — we place and restore dental implants in-office
  • Beautiful Restorations — skilled in crafting natural-looking dentures

Let us help you make the right decision when determining your solution to tooth loss.